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The Vigorous Trike sets new dimensions when it comes to e-mobility. With a contemporary design, electric drive and space for 2 people, the trike can be deployed on numerous fronts. With the arrival of increasingly stringent environmental requirements to reduce Co2 content this 3-wheeler will meet future requirements and will be enjoyable within cities and residential areas.how to write an informative paper narrative essay outline


Because the driver’s space is completely closed, the Vigorous Trike offers protection against all kinds of weather influences. In addition, it is equipped with Comfort-enhancing (standard) extras such as: a windscreen wiper, heating, adjustable chair and a Bluetooth connection.
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Charging the batteries is very easy through its ‘Regular’ 220V power network. The batteries are completely charged within 5 hours (even 80% within 2 hours) and you can enjoy the freedom that the Vigorous Trike gives you.


The Vigorous Trike is safe! A sturdy roll cage with both front and rear disc brakes, so that one can rely on crash resistance at a very short braking distance.


To be eligible to drive the trike you only need a moped driver’s licence. Every person with a car (and / or motorcycle) driving license is also eligible to drive it.