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MOVE V28 Rough Terrain

£2,968.53 exc VAT


The sensation that will delight every scooter and scooter mobile rider as soon as you ride it

This very comfortable electric tricycle from Move not only looks cool but also takes you to your destination very easily. The tilting, robust, independent front suspension lets you quickly get to where you want to be without even noticing large unevenness in the road surface. Silent and fast, the automatic drive with three adjustable speeds will take you to 25, 35 or 45 km / h. The road holding is very stable, making sharp turns easier to take than a normal conventional two-wheeled scooter. The engine, driven in the rear wheel, has more than enough power to also transport a fellow passenger, but is also unbeatable on uneven terrain where the V28 stands its ground. The digital, legible dashboard provides you with clear information about your speed, range and lighting position. The LED lighting is of very high quality in the dark and during foggy days to find the way easily. The Move Vigorous V28 also has a reversing position, which makes parking in your own garage a piece of cake. Move has good news! because the V28 can even be used as a mobility scooter. The highest achievable legally permitted speed is then a maximum of 25 km / h. This is the very first revolutionary electric scooter tricycle / trike in the Netherlands that will make you forget the old 4-wheel era, very sporty with a tough appearance that will draw all the attention as soon as you park it on the sidewalk next to other scooters and bicycles. The V28 even has an alarm system as standard. That can be heard loud and clear when touched without a key. Charging is via a supplied charger with a 230v plug. The V28 is 80% charged within 4 hours and 100% after 6 hours. Request a test drive now! call 040-2407031 and we will provide you with the nearest dealer in your place of residence.

MOVE Vigorous 1500 InnerCity

£4,995.47 exc VAT

He is silent because of his electric motor. No fogged windows because it has a supercharger. No driving license required but a moped certificate. No numb hands because it is covered and also has a heater. It jumps to the 45 km / h because it has a 1500 watt motor. He brakes excellently because of his 3 large brake discs and calipers. With a full load you can drive up to 112 km while the costs are only € 0.31. The MOVE Vigorous is fully electric and emission-free (no CO2 emissions)

Showing all 12 results