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MOVE 2 Fender

£1,318.18 exc VAT


  • Strong Motor & Big Wheel
  • With LED light on front and back
  • Alarm
  • Climbing possibility: 20 °
  • Battery: Lithium polymer 60V 12AH / 20AH
  • Driving distance: 36 – 65km
  • Max load: 200 kg
  • Minimum ground distance (mm): 110
  • Engine Max. Torque (Nm / r / min): 90n / m
  • Wheelbase (front / rear) (mm): 1300mm
  • Brake: disc brake front and rear
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Band Size (Fr./Rr): 18 * 9.5 6PR vacuum band


£1,199.82 exc VAT



The Move HAWK, the name says it all. Noiseless road driving electrically like a hawk. Straight to your goal, your final destination; your work, your friends, school, the beach or just for pleasure. Nice and quiet touring (cruise control) or not because the Move Hawk has a full sound system (bluetooth) with which you can enjoy listening to your favorite music. The scooter offers a media center with a physical control panel, USB and bluetooth connectivity. The scooter has built-in speakers that make it possible to produce a driving sound while driving to improve pedestrian safety. The digital dashboard is clearly legible and gives you clear information.
The move Hawk is available in a 25 km / h version or a 45 km / h model. The choice of how far you want to go (drive).

  1. The lead battery gives you a range of 50 km
  2. The Lithium battery has a range of 60 km
  3. If you opt for a double lithium battery, your range is even 120km. The reliable 1800-watt Bosch engine will never let you down. Charging via the normal 230v power grid. Charging time for the lithium version is only 4 hours. Hydraulic shock absorbers front and rear.

MOVE V28 Scooter

£3,950.00 exc VAT

MOVE VIGOROUS V28 – THE ELECTRIC SPORTY TRIKE as a scooter and as a mobility scooter
The V28 is ideally suited for sporty scooter and mobility scooter riders. Comfort on the road and Off-Road

This very comfortable electric tricycle from Move not only looks cool, but also takes you to your destination very easily. The tiltable, robust independent front suspension lets you quickly get where you want to be without even noticing major bumps in the road. Silently and quickly, the automatic drive with three adjustable speeds ‘flies’ you to 25, 45 or 53 km / h. The handling is very stable, making sharp turns easier to take than a normal conventional two-wheel scooter. The motor in the rear wheel, has more than enough power to also transport a fellow passenger, but is also unsurpassed on uneven terrain where the V28 stands its ground. The digital, easy-to-read dashboard gives you clear information about your speed, range and lighting position. The LED lighting is of very high quality in the dark and during foggy days to easily find your way. The Move Vigorous V28 also has a reversing position, making parking in your own garage a piece of cake. Move has good news! because the V28 can even be used as mobility scooter . The highest attainable legal speed is then a maximum of 25 km / h. If you have a driving license, we set the maximum speed to 45 km / h. A mobility scooter is allowed 6 km / h on the sidewalk, 25 km / h on the cycle path and 45 km / h on the roadway. This is the very first revolutionary electric mobility scooter / scooter trike in the Netherlands that will make you forget the old 4-wheel era. Very sporty with a tough look that will draw all the attention as soon as you park it on the sidewalk next to other scooters and bicycles. The V28 even has an alarm system as standard. Which can be heard loud and clear when touched without a key. Charging is done via a supplied charger with 230v plug. The V28 is 80% charged within 4 hours and 100% after 6 hours. Request a test drive now! call 040-2407031 and we will provide you with the nearest dealer in your city


£1,466.87 exc VAT


Smart transport brings you everywhere in style to your own city

The Move Stigo Bike is a folding electric scooter (e-scooter) with a top speed of 25 km / h. With a record time of just 2 seconds, it is the fastest folding electric scooter in the world! This e-scooter has a range of no less than 30 km and a weight of only 15 kg. When folded, the Move Stigo Bike only takes up 48 x 40 cm of space, making it suitable for almost any trunk. In addition, the Move Stigo can also be pulled along with the handy extra wheel, making it extremely easy to transport. Thanks to its pneumatic tires, the Move Stigo also drives very comfortably. MOVE STIGO BIKE HAS EXCELLENT BENEFITS

Fastest folding e-scooter in the world!

  • Compact: Move Stigo can be folded up and taken with you in just 2 seconds.
  • Fast: with a top speed of 25 km / h this electric scooter can compete with every 25 km scooter.
  • Portable: with just 15.2 kg and the ability to ‘drag’ you can take the Move Stigo wherever you go.
  • Comfortable: the Move Stigo rides surprisingly comfortably thanks to the pleasant saddle and pneumatic tires.
  • Large range: you drive no less than 30 km on a single charge, thanks to the dual battery.
  • Power charger: fully charged in just 3-4 hours

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