It is hard to believe how a mobility scooter can turn into a trolley, the size that you can and can take on the plane. When we had the ATTO  in mind, we not only wanted a vehicle that was foldable, but one that could easily be transported. The designers and engineers had to “reinvent the wheel” to make this dream come true.

The  ATTO is a specially designed scooter for people with a physical challenge. When unfolded, the widest point is only 56 cm, which ensures a comfortable and safe driving experience in even the narrowest shopping paths. The small size is not inferior to the performance of the ATTO . Users can effortlessly adopt a perfect fit with the smart mechanisms, including the adjustable grip, seat height and folding armrests. The footrest is made flat for easy assembly, the driving angle is perfectly aligned and equipped with special material that prevents slippage. All this to create an obstacle-free environment  .

Fashion model

ATTO Mobility scooter Type I


The maximum speed of the ATTO (limited by software) is 1 to 6 km per hour and without limiter 1 to 9 km per hour. The maximum driving speed can be easily adjusted with the help of a button and the display.


Part Kg
Front half 12
Back half 16.2
Merged * 28.2
Battery 1.85

* Without the battery

Load capacity

Maximum recommended user weight is 100 Kg. The ATTO has been tested to 140 kg.


When folded, the ATTO is the most compact mobility scooter in the world. Nevertheless, when open and ready to drive, the ATTO is the largest and most comfortable in its category.

Dimensions in cm:

Part Height Length Width
Folded up 72 39 42
Driving position 90 120 56

Ground clearance

The minimum ground clearance is 10 cm.

Front-wheel drive

To enable a smooth and permanent drive for many years and many kilometers, we have developed a unique, fully customized, brushless, permanent magnet DC motor that combines a solid core and powerful acceleration with a solid braking mechanism. Using advanced software algorithms, the engine uses modern reverse loading techniques for braking and stopping, providing a comfortable driving experience.


Leak-free PU tires.


The ATTO uses a powerful, yet compact, lightweight, advanced 48-volt lithium-ion battery. With a weight of only 2 kg, the battery can be used continuously for more than 16 km, while it takes only 4 hours (on average) to fully charge it. The battery can be charged both on board and on board, which means that you can remove the battery from your ATTO to charge it. Removing and replacing the battery is just as easy as pressing a button.

Action radius

250 W / h 16 Km


UL and CE approved charger with automatic shutdown functionality for safety and for extended battery and charger lifetime.

Control unit

Unique brushless DC motor controller. An original product from Moving Life Ltd. Unique LED screen with dim option and a clear error message display. Internal data and error log for easy maintenance and traceability. The Moving Life control unit provides a 10A continuous workflow with a maximum peak of 30A.

Turning radius

1.35 meters.

Freewheel position


Maximum slope

6 degrees.

Height Restrictions

Exploratory tests show that a minimum height of 150 cm is required for driving safety. This is NOT an official recommendation, we have not yet completed the tests. Consult with your medical adviser.


The ATTO has been designed and tested to the strict IP54 water resistance standard that requires equipment to be splash proof from multiple angles, over a long period of time and under high pressure. After a 50-liter shower, the ATTO continued to operate without failures, which guarantees resistance to normal outdoor conditions. Nevertheless, we recommend storing the ATTO indoors for maximum service life with high performance and for safety reasons only drive in dry weather conditions.


The ATTO is designed according to UL94 V-0.

Manufacturer’s Responsibility

The manufacturer considers himself solely responsible for the consequences for the safety, reliability and operation of the device if:

  • Calibration, maintenance and repairs of the ATTO mobility scooter are carried out by Moving Life Ltd. or an authorized representative of Moving Life Ltd.
  • The equipment is used according to the instructions for use.
Owners and drivers must always adhere to the following precautions:

  • Refrain from changing the hardware or software of the ATTO mobility scooter in any way.
  • Never allow untrained persons to operate the ATTO mobility scooter.
  • Always report only to authorized representatives of Moving Life Ltd.
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