The multifunctional wheelchair car that you can control from a wheelchair.

The Kimsi ​​is an electric, environmentally friendly vehicle that can be driven with an AM driving license. This multifunctional vehicle is intended to increase the mobility of disabled people in a wheelchair. The person in the wheelchair can and may drive himself. And also take a passenger with you. If desired, a seat can also be placed in the front and a wheelchair can be transported with the Kimsi. Even 2 wheelchair users can sit behind each other in the Kimsi.

If a wheelchair is the driver, we (Mobility4all) make adjustments to the vehicle in our own workshop to manually accelerate and brake. We can also make other adjustments in our own workshop to increase convenience and comfort. 
The Kimsi ​​is also accessible for a mobility scooter. The Kimsi ​​is very user-friendly: the door opens and closes with a remote control, the vehicle lowers and rises and the wheelchair platform is operated. All this in one smooth motion. This well thought out concept enables disabled people to move themselves completely independently.

AM Driving License.

The Kimsi ​​can be driven with an AM driver’s license, has a top speed of 45 km / h and a range of 80 to 100 km per day, depending on the load and the speed driven. 
Has no direct emissions and is therefore very environmentally friendly. 
In the design of the Kimsi, the functionality was at the top of the list. 
In addition, they have succeeded in combining this with a nice design that can be seen.

At a glance:

  • A unique and very practical design.
  • Designed by a person in the wheelchair.
  • The Kimsi ​​is quiet and accelerates quickly.
  • Entirely independent Mobile, and participating in society again.
  • Wheelchair users can sit in their own wheelchair directly behind the wheel via a remote-controlled electric back door and wheelchair platform.
  • The Kimsi ​​drops completely to the ground so that the wheelchair can drive in independently with little force.
  • Wheelchair is automatically locked and unlocked.
  • A normal seat can be installed for a driver without a wheelchair.
  • The space in the back offers space for a second wheelchair, mobility scooter, or seat based on a folding seat with belt.
  • Optional manual control of gas and brake pedal to be built in by Mobility4all.
  • Service and maintenance by Mobility4all
  • 24 month factory warranty
  • No longer dependent on a taxi or guidance.
  • Range 80 to 100 km (depending on speed and load)
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