The MOVE V28
The Move V28 is ideal for rough terrain. It has its High End Suspension System (see photos). On a rough paved road, the V28 gives the feeling of driving on asphalt.
It is electric and therefore environmentally friendly. The engine makes no noise and no CO2 emissions, so you can enjoy nature undisturbed.
For Business use:
Because of the sustainable Lithium Battery Package, you as a company are entitled to deduct the MIA subsidy, VAT deduction and VAMIL (Accelerated depreciation) The 1st year 75% and the 2nd year 25%.
Specifications: MOVE V28
Motor: 2000W brushless
Output torque: 33N.m
Dimensions: 1811 * 798 * 1183mm
Track width: 80cm
Wheelbase: 130cm
Maximum speed: Low: 25km / High: 45km / S:
53km New weight: 90KGS
Max payload: 260KGS Range
: 80km at 15km / h and 60km at 25km / h
Battery: Lithium 27A 72V
Nominal volume: 72V
Climb: 20-25 degrees
Charger: 110V / 220V
Charging time: 6 hours / Quick charger 2.5 hours
Nominal charge current: 3A
Max discharge current: 45A
Wheel size: F 100 / 60-12 R 120 / 70-12
Net weight: 90 kg
Package size: 1900x810x1203cm
LCD screen
Alarm system
Parking system with reverse gear

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