Vigorous 1500 Highline

The Vigorous 1500 highline: Range of 50 km 5 batteries of 60 volts and 45 amphere. Maximum Speed ​​47 km. USB connection Rapid heating (800 watts). Cold air blower. Hand brake Incline gear. LED-lighting. Sliding windows.


Vigorous 1500 S-line

The Vigorous 1500 S-Line: Range of 80 to 110 km. 6 batteries of 72 volts and 60 amphere. Maximum Speed ​​47 km. USB connection. Rapid heating (800 watts). Cold air blower. Hand brake Incline gear. LED-lighting. Windows with turning mechanism. Bluetooth Sound System. More luxurious sessions. Floor covering. Armaflex noise reduction. and Rear view camera.


WEIGHT 275 kg
DIMENSIONS 226 × 116 × 155 cm
COLOUR red metallic, blue metallic, green metallic, brown metallic, light blue, white, black and white, pink
TYPE 1500 Highline, 1500 S-Line, inner city
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